How to write the perfect cover letter to scientific journals

Published Jan 14, 2020

The cover letter matters! That was the message from senior Springer Nature editor Alexandrine Cheronet from Springer Nature who visited KTH with a talk on how to get published in a scientific journal. ITM was in place to pick up advice.

Alexandrine Cheronet
Alexandrine Cheronet
  • With an increasing amount of submissions sent to editors of scientific journals, the cover letter becomes your chance to sell your article. But; for the same reason, be clear and concise.
  • Address the Editor in chief personally. “Dear NNN” works.
  • Give the background of your research.
  • Let it show that you understand the magazine’s audience and explain the importance of your article in relation to the scope of the journal.
  • Emphasize the unique sales points of your article
  • Recommend reviewers – this is very much appreciated.
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Last changed: Jan 14, 2020