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Published Dec 04, 2019

Sustainability Manager Kristina Von Oelreich's mail shows up in my mailbox (appropriately enough) during the Global Climate Week. President Sigbritt wants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from KTH's travels. Considerably. Most of KTH's activities aim to bring forward students, technology, services and products that lead to a more sustainable society, or as we say: a brighter future, it is not more than fair that we have to walk the talk.

The action plan in the mail consists of 17 points, and, pleasantly surprised, I note that ITM is ahead: we already have electric scooters, SL cards to borrow and new employees are informed about the ambitions at the introduction to the school. In addition, we have already made suggestions that travels by train can be made in first class if you work during your journey, and that working time here can be included in your work hours. Also, that more expensive alternatives are ok if it leads to significantly reduced environmental impact.

At ITM we may need the advantage, because the action plan now puts the schools in the limelight.The schools' emissions will be measured and each school will have information on how much they need to reduce their emissions from travel to reach KTH's sustainability goals. And all the results will be reported on the intranet.

As you already know, the president (V-2018-0956) has decided to set up a climate pot with the aim of reducing KTH's carbon dioxide emissions. The consequence for ITM is that we allocate SEK 372,800 for our 2020 funds to the climate pot.

But it’s also important that it’s made easy to choose sustainable alternatives. Now KTH will facilitate choosing trains, making it easier to have digital meetings, even at dissertations. KTH also wants to encourage traveling to work in a sustainable way. And according to the President’s action plan, anyone who uses an electric car or bicycle to KTH will soon meet a brighter future. Stay tuned.

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Last changed: Dec 04, 2019