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Södertälje goes bird watching (in the lunch room)

Visual interpretation: Black stork in its nest.
Published May 03, 2019

How can you tell that spring is here? Well, that's when the employees at KTH Södertälje live stream bird nesting on the large screen in the lunch room.

This year, a new bird couple has the lead role, IT engineer Jonas Lönnberg explains. For the fourth year in a row he is the one who set up the live streaming. But he refers bird questions to Södertälje's expert Claes Hansson, who initiated bird watching in the lunch room.

– Yes, that's right, I've been interested in birds since the age of 14. Nowadays, I am quite a pure continuous bird-watcher (sträckskådare), which means that I place myself in a geographically strategic place and check out the migration birds now that they arrive and after the summer when they go south, Claes says.

The first years, the employees followed a white-tailed eagle couple, but this year it did not lay any eggs in that nest. Instead, they follow black storks in Estonia.

Does this type of slow TV really work today?

– Yes, it's exciting. From a human perspective, it is quite dramatic. The birds focus on those who beg most and are most active, and the smallest get a tough start. We would probably do the opposite and feed the tiniest. However, there has always been happy endings in the nests and there has been enough food for everyone.

For those who prefer to follow another bird species - or why not life around a beaver lodge, please follow the link here.

Text: Anna Gullers

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Last changed: May 03, 2019