Did you know this about the Innovation arena?

Published Sep 23, 2019

The corridors talk about the Innovation arena. But what is it? How far ahead are the plans and which ones are involved? Sofia Ritzén, who was involved in starting the project and currently sits on the steering committee, works out the concepts.

What is the “Innovation arena”?

The innovation arena is a venture to develop the physical environment at the ITM school, especially for us who are at Campus Valhallavägen. Partly, this is a new building that is likely to be located in the Machine District, but also existing environments will be rebuilt / renovated and integrated into this environment.

What is the purpose of it?

It is a place more suitable to display our research, which gives us meeting places and encourage innovation. In addition, workshops and prototype environments will be coordinated as well as the research infrastructure that may be of benefit to more people.

The innovation arena will improve collaboration between student and teacher, between teachers / researchers at the school's various institutions and between us at KTH and the outside world.

Who are involved in the process?

Right now KTH, Akademiska hus and the architect firm Marge work together. We have five work groups: reception / meetings, workshops, infrastructure, office and learning environments, and in each such group there is one representative from the institutions and deans office, except for workshop and infrastructure. HPU is also not included.

How far have you come and what is the next step?

Early in January 2020, a program plan will be proposed, after which the school will decide on go / no go. The ITM management team is very involved in this decision.

Who should you contact if you have more questions?

You can contact Björn Möller who is the project manager for the business, Laila Thulin, representative for GVS, head of school Pär Jönsson or me.

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