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The Outcomes function in Canvas

With the function "Outcomes", you can track your students’ progress in the course and the students can see how they are progressing with regards to the intended learning outcomes of the course. You can enable a "Learning Mastery Gradebook" for teachers and a "Student Learning Mastery Gradebook" for students. The gradebooks gather the students’ achievements and results connected to the course outcomes or criteria.

You can use the function to add the intended learning outcomes (ILO) and outcomes-based grading criteria as "outcomes" and align them to assignments and quizzes in Canvas. The function gives you a way to follow your students’ mastery of different outcomes through the examination of the course. You can use the function in both a formative and a summative way.

Adding and adjusting settings for outcomes

Add outcomes and set them up to suit your course. You can give the outcome a name, describe it, and specify how the outcome is mastered. Read more about adding learning outcomes .

Using outcomes to assess assignments

Align outcomes to assignments in order to assess them with regards to outcome mastery and the outcomes-based grading criteria of the course. When the outcomes are aligned to assignments, it is possible to adjust the outcomes so that they suit the specific assessment occasion. 

Read more about using learning outcomes for assessment .

Gradebooks for learning mastery for both teachers and students

Enable gradebooks to get access to summaries of the results of the outcomes. You get a simple overview of which students have mastered which outcomes, and if there is an outcome that many students of the course have low results in.

Read more about the gradebook for goal fulfillment for teachers and students .

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