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Extra examinations to be offered due to COVID-19

Action plan for the President's decision in the case of campus examination 20/21


Published Feb 24, 2021

Due to the corona pandemic, courses that have been granted campus examination must offer the students an extra examination opportunity to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Read below about what applies to P2, P3 and P4 exam periods.

Why extra examinations

A student at risk or feels symptoms of illness on the day of the campus-based examination should not go to the exam and thus risk infecting others. Suppose the student knows that there is an additional (risk-free) examination opportunity for a course. In that case, they do not have to risk having problems with, for example, the student housing or CSN because they happened to get sick to a campus-based salsexamination.

The courses that have been granted to conduct campus exams in the academic year 20/21 shall offer students an additional examination in an examination form that is not an on-campus written examination.

P1's extra examination opportunities will be held on 22–26 February and 1–5 March.

General rules

  • The additional examination must be given with a form of examination other than an on-campus written examination. See recommendations on remote examination .
  • Zoom examinations and other examinations requiring access to IT-support must take place on weekdays from 08:00 to 16:30 (Thursdays 08:00-16:00). Note that examinations for students with the right to extended writing time should also be accommodated within these times. See more information about the management of students with the right to compensatory support About exam period P3 and re-exams in April .
  • The additional examination must be advertised in the current course room in Canvas no later than two weeks in advance.
  • Mandatory registration is valid for the extra occasion, late registration will not be handled.
  • Students who have already participated in two examination sessions for a course during year 20/21 are not entitled to participate on the extra occasion. Possibility for a higher grade, so-called "Plussning", is not allowed.

Courses that already have more than two occasions with on-campus written exams scheduled during the academic year should change one of these occasions to a remote examination form (the August period not included).

P1's additional examinations will take place from 22-26 February and 1-5 March. 

P2's re-examination in April

P2's additional examinations will be conducted 3-7, 10-12, 17-21  May (registration period: 15-20 April).

Second-cycle P2 courses are given the opportunity to replace an on-campus written re-examination with a remote unsupervised examination form (preferably in a form other than zoom-monitored examination) during the re-examination period after Easter. For these P2 advanced courses, extra opportunities are not required in May.

P3's re-examination in June

For first cycle courses with granted on-campus examination, a choice is allowed between the following two options:

  1. Re-examination is carried out according to plan, and that an extra opportunity is given remotely in August (students who have participated in two examination sessions during the academic year do not have the right to participate in August).
  2. Examination form changes to remote. (In the case of a zoom-monitored examination, the course giving unit is expected to be responsible for guard needs when the number of participants does not exceed 35.)

For teachers who have received a granted an on-campus written examination for the re-examination period P3 but who want to switch to a remote examination form, it must be communicated to the students in the respective course room in Canvas no later than 26 April.

P3's additional examination sessions (if the examination form has not been changed to a remote form) shall be carried out remotely during P4's re-examination period 16-20 and 23-28 August (registration period: 1-29 July).

P4's re-examination in August

  • No changes need to be made to planned on-campus exams during the regular examination period for P4 in June, but
  • For courses with examination in examination period 4, all re-examinations are changed to remote forms during the re-examination period 16–20 and 23–28 August (registration period: 1–29 July).


If you have questions, contact education officers at your school.

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