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Drop-in support by E-learning

E-learning holds drop-in support events for teachers over Zoom on selected occasions. You can talk to employees at the E-learning management team and get answers to questions about digital teaching and about the system support that KTH provides. For example, the learning platform Canvas or digital tools such as Zoom and Möbius.

Coming events

How will a drop-in workshop work?

Drop-in events take place over Zoom, and the questions are answered in breakout rooms. When you enter the Zoom meeting, you raise your virtual hand in Zoom to be placed in the queue. When it is your turn to get help, we will move you to a breakout room where we will help you with your questions.

Example of questions you can ask at the drop-in event:

  • I want to make my course more interactive for my students. Which digital tools can I use?
  • I have embedded a video in Canvas, but my students can't see it. What should I do?
  • Is this page accessible for students with different needs?
  • I accidentally recorded a student in my lecture, how do I remove them from the video?

Contact and support for digital education

Do you have questions or do you want guidance on digital learning?

For general support: .

For educational support:  (we reply within two days time).

Other contacts for education

If you have other questions about education at KTH, the information is collected on Contacts for education support at KTH .

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