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Comments and suggestions for improvement for Canvas and e-learning at KTH

The E-learning management object is continuously striving to develop the digital learning environment at KTH further, including the system we are managing. This page will instruct you what the best way to contact us for comments and suggestions for improvements.

Suggestions for improvement

If you have ideas or suggestions about the digital learning environment at KTH that you think can help us, please leave your feedback using the form below. We follow up on all suggestions.

Form for comments and suggestions for improvement for e-learning at KTH .

Many of the e-learning systems are procured by KTH and thereby developed by external suppliers. The needs and change requests from KTH become one factor in the priority process for the supplier, which needs to satisfy many customers.

Requests for new features in Canvas

New features in Canvas can be sorted into two different categories that are handled differently:

  • Install optional features to Canvas (LTI).
  • New function in Canvas' own systems.

Installing optional features in Canvas (LTI)

It is possible to use additional services, or so-called LTI-apps (Learning Tool Integration) for several different uses. New functionality can be added by using LTI-apps in Canvas.

Read more about Optional features in Canvas .

New function in Canvas' own systems

If you want a new function in Canvas' own systems you can contact us at . We will see what is possible to fulfil and in some cases, we need to forward it to the provider Instructure. We will always let you know the outcome.

You as a teacher can also influence the functions in Canvas through the Canvas forum. In the forum you can make suggestions, see other people's suggestions and "vote" on them. Remember that it is a slow way to influence, and the forum is run entirely by Canvas in the United States.

You can find instructions to create new suggestions in the Canvas Community forum ( .

Contact and support for digital education

Do you have questions or do you want guidance on digital learning?

For general support: .

For educational support:  (we reply within two days time).

Other contacts for education

If you have other questions about education at KTH, the information is collected on Contacts for education support at KTH .

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