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Learn about Canvas

The learning platform Canvas is used for conducting courses at KTH. This page explains how you as a teacher can learn to use Canvas on your own, with the help of web guides and the introductory course Canvas@KTH.

Two ways to learn about Canvas

Canvas is KTH's learning platform that has many different functions with different recommendations. Two ways to learn about Canvas are presented below:

  • The introductory course Canvas@KTH
  • Web guides with recommendations.

The introductory course Canvas@KTH

You as a teacher at KTH have access to a course that introduces the basic uses of Canvas, called "Canvas@KTH". Log in to Canvas, and you will see the course room "Canvas@KTH - an introductory course" under "Overview", or you can follow the link: "Canvas@KTH - An introductory course" ( .

Canvas@KTH has a linear course structure where the next part is unlocked once you have completed the previous one. If you are looking for specific information, it is recommended that you do so on the intranet instead. Read more under the heading "Web guides with recommendations".

Test the basic functions on your own

Canvas@KTH explains all the basic functions you need to get started and to create your course. You also get access to assignments designed to give you the opportunity to try to create content and structure with the help of Canvas functions, in a so-called Sandbox .

A Sandbox is an empty Canvas room that you can use to test things in Canvas without anyone else seeing it. Structure and content can be copied from your sandbox into a real course if you want.

Discuss with other teachers in the discussion forum

In addition to instructions and assignments, Canvas@KTH also has a discussion forum. Here you can discuss and exchange experiences with other teachers about the digital adaptation of KTH's teaching and courses. Also, general thoughts about Canvas and digital learning can, of course, be raised here.

The forum is divided into five parts:

  • Distance Examination
  • Web meetings
  • Education using Canvas
  • Video and Streaming
  • General.

Go directly to the discussion forum in Canvas@KTH ( .

Note! The purpose of the forum is to provide a space for the exchange of experience between teachers. No support will be available via the discussion forum, instead we refer to the usual support routes ( Contact and support ).

Web guides with recommendations

If you wish to find specific information or deepen your knowledge about Canvas functions, there are pages about Canvas on the intranet. There you can find:

  • checklists for courses and examination in Canvas
  • guides to functions
  • step-by-step instructions for different scenarios
  • pedagogical tips
  • inspiration and course examples
  • guides to add-on functions
  • administrative information.

The intranet is also searchable, unlike Canvas@KTH.

Read more about Canvas – KTH's Learning Management System .

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