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Local support for e-learning at KTH's schools

As a complement to the support provided centrally by E-learning, local support is available at the schools, which can offer more practical assistance to teachers regarding digital teaching. The support varies between schools, and here you can find more information about what it looks like at your school, as well as contact details.

Local support can provide practical help

At KTH's schools, support for digital teaching has been developed as a more practical complement to the central support from E-learning.

The following are examples of what you can get help with from local support:

  • Conducting tasks in Canvas, such as creating assignments, quizzes or effectively presenting information.
  • Hybrid teaching, managing the Zoom room, moderating the chat, breakout rooms, and the digital equipment.
  • Examinations in computer rooms, providing support primarily during the start of the examination to ensure that all technology functions appropriately.

The support at your school

The local support has reached different stages in its development at the schools; therefore, the support looks slightly different. Below you can read about how to contact support at your school.


ITM has teaching assistants who assist teachers in creating and conducting digital teaching. They are also working on a project to implement digital examinations using tablets. Contact ITM's local support at .


EECS has teaching assistants who assist teachers in creating and conducting digital teaching. They also support administrative processes such as reporting to DiVA. You can get in touch with EECS's local support via .


CBH's local support for digital teaching is under development. Contact  if you need assistance.


At the SCI school, support for digital teaching has not been requested to any great extent. Contact the Director of First and Second Cycle Education ( ) or the education administration ( ) at SCI if you are interested in taking part in the support that can be offered.


Teachers at the ABE school are referred to the respective department support. See the page Department support  on ABE's intranet.