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Evaluate the course and share your knowledge

To further develop your course, you need to evaluate it and discuss your experiences of your course layout with other teachers. KTH provides tools to evaluate your course and encourages collegial collaboration. You can participate in various arenas at KTH that are designed to share knowledge and experiences between colleagues. With Canvas Commons, you can easily share your course material and take part of other people's material.

These recommendations apply to digital education at KTH, that is, campus education or distance education that uses digital tools. The content of this page is established by the First and Second Cycle Education Committee (GU) at KTH .

  • Reflect and evaluate
  • Spread your knowledge
  • Share your teaching material.

Adapt the recommendations to your course

Each educational situation is unique and as a teacher you should therefore critically relate to these recommendations. Consider how they are, or are not, relevant to your particular course.

Reflect and evaluate

Reflect and evaluate both continuously during the course and when the course is completed. Collect evidence that helps you understand how to further develope your use of digital tools to support student learning. Discuss the course structure with your students, with the team of teachers, and with colleagues.

Remember to share the results of the course evaulation with your students.

Feel free to make use of the following resources:

Spread your knowledge

Please talk to your colleagues about your experience of digital course design. Share examples of both what was challenging or difficult and what worked well. Often you are not alone with your thoughts. If you want, you can let a fellow teacher come into your course room in Canvas to see your layout.

You can also participate in arenas designed to share knowledge. For example, "Storträffen" is a forum at KTH where you can discuss various themes connected to pedagogy and learning with teachers, students and other interested parties. In addition to that, there are both internal and external conferences aimed at developing your teaching.

Feel free to make use of the following resources:

Share your teaching material

KTH is mainly financed by public funds. Therefore, please consider sharing your educational material it it may be of benefit for others. If you want to share your course structure, you can make your course open to KTH users or the public. Alternatively, you can use "Canvas Commons" to share different types of learning resources, for example, images, videos, audio, ready-made modules and quizzes. You as a teacher can also download other people's material from Canvas Commons to use in your course in Canvas.

Note! Remember, as always, to consider copyright when you are using other people's teaching material or when you are sharing your own.

Feel free to make use of the following resources: