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SpeedGrader in Canvas (60 min)

SpeedGrader handles all assignment submissions in Canvas, both digital and scanned assignments. In this workshop, you as a teacher will learn to navigate and grade with various functions in Speedgrader. You will also be introduced to the recommended preparatory settings to simplify your grading.

A workshop can be ordered by everyone who is working at KTH.


The purpose of this workshop is for you as a teacher to take part in different ways of grading in SpeedGrader and the recommended preparatory settings in assignments to ensure they are easily handled by SpeedGrader.


No specific preparations are required.

Time required

1 hour.

Learning objectives

After completing the workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Navigate in SpeedGrader.
  • Comment in SpeedGrader.
  • Annotate in SpeedGrader.
  • Switch between anonymous and de-anonymized grading.
  • Open and grade with rubrics (containing for example outcomes).
  • Hide and post grades.
  • Return assignments to students (for example to have them complement it).