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Learning outcomes in Canvas (75 min)

This workshop goes through how you, as a teacher, can enter your goal-related grading criteria in Canvas with the "Outcomes" function. You also get to learn how to set up learning mastery and try using the function's two gradebooks for learning mastery.

A workshop can be ordered by everyone who is working at KTH.


You as a teacher is introduced to using goal-related grading criteria in Canvas with the Outcomes function. You can link outcomes that you have entered to various student activities, such as assignments, and leave feedback to your students. You can give the feeback both with and without points.

During the workshop, we will add our goal-related grading criteria to our courses in Canvas. We will also set them up so that we can start following the students' development through the goals.


All participants need to bring outcomes-based grading criteria from a course.

All participants also need a course room in Canvas, either the intended course or an empty Canvas room (a sandbox ).

Time required

75 min.

Learning objectives

After completing the workshop, participants should have:

  • Tried activating the feature options
    • Learning Mastery Gradebook.
    • Student Learning Mastery Gradebook.
  • Added learning outcomes to Canvas.
  • Configured mastery levels.
  • Connected a learning outcome to an assignment.
  • Used learning outcomes in SpeedGrader.
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