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About exam period 1, autumn 2021

Here is updated information


Published Oct 13, 2021

The implementation of exam period 1 in the autumn semester 2021 (HT21) will be implemented according to the LOW scenario, even with eased restrictions. Here you will find further essential and practical information, e.g. IT-support is provided during regular working hours.

Support, opening hours and FAQ


For technical questions about the examination tools, please contact .

Support opening hours are 08:00–16:30.

For support under an ongoing exam, call 08-790 66 00.

Administration and Funka

If you as an examiner have questions about room placement or other questions about examinations for students with support from Funka, then contact the exam administration at each campus:






Guidelines for summative assessment at KTH

From the autumn semester 2021 onwards, the corresponding scenario LOW applies for examination, even with lifting restrictions. Read more in the article How eased pandemic restrictions affect KTH's education (17/21/2021)

Below are general and specific guidelines (equivalent to LOW) for the examination that can also be found on the page for the activity area .

The guidelines are written with updated English translation according to the KTH Swedish-English Dictionary version 2021-07-01  updated by the KTH Language Committee.

General guidelines

All examination activities where teachers have developed the ability to conduct digital remote assessments without invigilators and with equivalent or higher quality than on-campus assessments should continue being conducted remotely.

Students who cannot conduct a digital remote assessment in their home environment are encouraged to contact  to conduct an on-campus assessment.

Decisions on the implementation of on-campus assessment and the implementation of written remote examination with camera surveillance (for example, via Zoom) are made by the Vice-President for Education after a presentation by either a Director of the First and Second Cycle Education or Director of the Third Cycle Education.

Specific guidelines (LOW)

Written invigilated remote examination with camera surveillance (for example, via Zoom) is not allowed.

The following is allowed :

  • Digital remote assessment with an ongoing Zoom meeting during the examination to enable, among other things, ID control and contact with the teacher on duty for questions or minor oral exams. See .
  • Oral on-campus assessment, continuous proctored on-campus assessment and on-campus presentations of degree projects.

It is possible to carry out a final written on-campus exam in limited forms after an exemption procedure (can be granted for courses at all levels) where the following criteria must be met:

  • The course's intended learning outcomes include factual knowledge or procedural skills (such as problem-solving skills) that can be assessed individually only through assignments with unambiguous well-defined solutions in controlled environments.
  • In the exemption application for a final written on-campus exam, there must be a plan to develop greater diversity in the course's examination over 1-2 years.

Teachers are not obligated to offer remote examination options, as all students are expected to participate in the scheduled examination, including any invigilated on-campus exams.

IT support is provided during regular working hours

IT support answers technical questions on weekdays at 08: 00–16: 30 either via email , or telephone.

During an ongoing exam: call 08-790 66 00.

Funka support

Before the examination, the exam administration on each campus is the entrance for handling disabled students with compensatory support. See the info box above for contact information for each campus.

Funka's recommendations regarding support during an examination

Examiners and course coordinators, who want a good foundation in meeting students with the right to pedagogical, compensatory support, are recommended to see the documentation (video and text) from the Lunch 'n' Learn on 29 September. The webinar was about how KTH can best meet the need for support and, at the same time, follow the intended learning objectives.

Funka support: Experiences and intricacies regarding the pedagogical, compensatory support


Checklist for conducting examinations

Before examination in Canvas

Information to communicate to students

For your information

An overall place for support, advice and guidelines regarding Examination

The previous support pages Examination at a distance on the e-learning pages have changed both place and name to Examination. Content will be developed on an ongoing basis. The ambition is for employees to find examination-related content and links from a single site on the web. The new URL is .

Pilot tests of new digital solutions

During exam period 1, pilot tests of two new digital solutions will be carried out on a few participating courses. With the tests, the support wants to ensure the quality of the solutions, both technically and administratively.

The function “Import Exams” in Canvas

This solution enables digital assessment of scanned exams with the function "Import Exams" in Canvas. Supporse the pilot for Import exams is successful during exam period 1; In that case, the goal is for the function to be extended to the re-exam period in December and full scale to examination period 2 in January. Until more information is provided, you can follow the development via Digital assessment of scanned exams in Canvas (KTH Import exams) .

Digital examination ina computer room

This project will support the development and implementation of digital invigilated on-campus exams in computer rooms. Stay up to date on which solutions are available on the page . Digital assessment of scanned exams to Canvas (KTH Import exams)

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