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Transfer grades from Canvas to Ladok

The "KTH Transfer to Ladok" function helps you to transfer grades from published assignments in Canvas to Ladok modules. In order for the transfer to work, certain criteria for the assignment in Canvas must be met. Here you will find the information on how to use the function, both presented in text and in a short video.

 KTH Transfer to Ladok video guide

The application KTH Transfer to Ladok enables a secure transfer of assessments from Canvas to grades in Ladok, and reduces the amount of manual grade administration. With KTH Transfer to Ladok you can transfer letter grades from a column in a Canvas gradebook to a Ladok module. This video shows how to use the function.

Transfer to Ladok (KTH Play)

Important to note before you start using KTH Transfer to Ladok

You need to have the right role in Ladok to be able to transfer grades. Read more about Ladok for employees at KTH .

Assessments are transferred to the draft status of a Ladok module, either the module that the examination room is connected to, or the module you choose yourself if you transfer from a course room. Assessments for students who already have corresponding grades in Ladok with the status "marked as ready" or "certified" will not be transferred from Canvas. Use Ladok to update grades with that status.

Keep in mind that the result for a course module has to be reported to Ladok within 15 working days after the examination date.

What can be transferred from Canvas?

Assessments can be transferred from both course rooms and examination rooms. Assessments that are expressed as letter grades in a column in the Canvas Gradebook can be transferred. This means that results from Classic Quizzes cannot be transferred. It is also possible to transfer the Total column in the Gradebook. Transferring examination points is currently not supported.

How to set a grading scheme on an assignment

The assignment that corresponds to the column in Canvas Gradebook needs to be configured to use the same grading system that is used in Ladok.

Go to "Display grade as" in the assignment settings and select "Letter grade".

Click on "View grading scheme" and check that the grading scheme corresponds to the grading system used for the Ladok module. Click "Select another scheme" to select another grading scheme. There are two ready-made suggestions that can be used, which have the names:

Screenshot Grading scheme
  •  "A-F grading scheme (including Fx)"
  • "Pass/Fail grading scheme 80%"

Alternatively you can create your own grading scheme and make it work with KTH Transfer to Ladok. Then use the same characters as in the already mentioned grading schemes, but enter your own percentage limits for the scheme. Read more about handling grading schemes.

If you want to use the Transfer to Ladok tool but have a way of weighing grades that is not supported in Canvas, you should still select a Letter grade that matches the grades used for the Ladok module. You can then, through export and import to the Gradebook, make your own weighting of the assessments/grades and then transfer them to Ladok. Read more about weighting options for grades .

Start to use "KTH Transfer to Ladok"

To start to use the function, click on "KTH Transfer to Ladok" in the menu in the Canvas room.

Note: If you do not see the link "KTH Transfer to Ladok" in the course menu, you need to go to Settings and open the Navigation tab. Move "KTH Transfer to Ladok" from the lower list to the upper list and save. The link will now be visible for you. Your students will not be able to see it.

1. Start the application

Read the information on the start page you are redirected to after clicking on the option in the menu. Click the button "Start the application" in the bottom right corner to start.

2. Authorise KTH Transfer to Ladok to access your account

The next step is to Authorise ("Godkänn" in Swedish) "KTH Transfer to Ladok" to access your account. Without this step "KTH Transfer to Ladok" will not work. Click "Authorise" to continue.

3. Select assignment and date

You will now see a page called "Select assignment and date (Step 1 of 2)". Select the Canvas assignment or column you want to transfer.

If you use the function in a course room, you also need to choose which Ladok module the assessments are for. If you transfer from an examination room, it says which module the assessments will be transferred to.

Finally, select which examination date should be under "Examination Date". If you are not sure what date to pick, there is a guide for choosing dates when reporting grades .

To proceed to the next step, click on the green button labeled "Students". The button is disabled if not all fields are filled in correctly.

4. Export students with results

On the next page, called "Transfer grades (Step 2 of 2)", you will see the students and grades for the selected assignment in Canvas. Click the "Transfer to Ladok" button if you want to transfer these to grades in the selected Ladok module.

You will get a final dialog box with the assignment and examination date that will be transferred. Press "OK" if it looks correct.

5. Correct any errors

If an error occurs, a red dialog box will be shown with an exclamation mark on the left. The errors you need to correct are written at the bottom.

If no error occurred a green dialog will be shown with a checkmark on the left.

6. Click "Done"

Click "Done" when you are done. You can now transfer more assignments to Ladok if you wish.

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