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News about Canvas and course room template

Documentation from Lunch 'n' Learn 1 September 2021

Published Sep 03, 2021

Do you work practically with education at KTH and have not had time to update yourself on what is new in system support for digital learning? Here you get a summary of some important news from the past year. Here is the documentation (links and video, in Swedish) from the Lunch 'n' Learn webinar on news from E-learning.

About the webinar

In the presentation, E-learning updates you on important news from the past year. Among other things, you will learn how the upcoming course room template in Canvas will affect courses for the autumn semester 2021 and onwards.

The webinar is aimed at all staff who work practically with the education at KTH. Still, it is intended primarily for those who did not teach during the spring semester and may not have followed the new functions, updates, etc., that have taken place around the system support for digital learning. The webinar is in Swedish.

Seven news about system support and digital learning at KTH

Here is a list of the seven news presented. Please note that the links go to video clips in Swedish. The links do not go to the same place in the video, although it is easy to believe it as the start view of the video inside KTH Play is the same. Click the play button, and the video will start in the right place. Please note that the videos in KTH Play is in Swedish.

  1. Drop-in support from E-learning (KTH Play).
  2. KTH's course room template (KTH Play) .
  3. Course room has been given an end date (KTH Play) .
  4. Mentimeter (KTH Play) .
  5. Hybrid classroom (KTH Play).
  6. Mini-studio (KTH Play) .
  7. Canvas@KTH (KTH Play) .

If you want to watch the entire video from start to end, go to News about Canvas and course room template (KTH Play, in Swedish).

"Related links" lead to web pages where you can read about the corresponding information presented in the videos.


Oliver Andersson (Educational Developer, Digital Learning, KTH).

Frida Sundberg (Amanuens, Digital Learning, KTH).

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