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Course memo

The course information that for a course round describes in detail the course objectives, implementation and examination in an unambiguous and legally secure manner shall be collected in a so-called course memo. In other words, the course memo contains the information that the course participants need to follow the course and make the most of it.

June 30th 2021

Guideline for syllabus, grading system and examination is updated from July 1, 2021

On 7 June 2021, the president of KTH made a decision (V-2021-0378) on the

Guideline on course syllabus, grading system and examination at education on all cycles

which apply from July 1, 2021. In addition to regulating what content should be in a course memo, it is stated in summary that:

  • For each course offering, there must be a course memo that complements the information in the course syllabus.
  • The examiner is responsible for that the course memo:
    • is established
    • is available to students on KTH's web About course
    • should be established through the system support available for course information in the course and program catalog. Read more about course memo at About course.

The course memo also constitutes the information about a course that is suitable for archiving and making available, among other things for future students. The document must be useful for both the students and the internal quality assurance work.

In order for the course memo to be as clear and correct as possible, it is normally compiled just before the start of the course. Therefore, the course memo is published appropriately at the start of the course. Even if the examiner is responsible for the course memo being created and published at the start of the course, it is normally the course coordinator who produces the course memo. The course memo needs to be easily accessible for students on the course, so we therefore recommend that a link to the course memo be posted at the top of the Syllabus page in the course room in Canvas .

KTH's course catalogue contains general information about the course, including the course syllabus. You can copy and paste this information into your course memo. The course memo template has the same four main headings as the course catalogue's course information. Below is a list of all the main headings and proposed sub-headings. The sign * indicates that the title comes from the syllabus and ** indicates that the title comes from the common course information in Kopps. If you want to change the text under these headings in Kopps, you may need to tell an education administrator or director of studies who has the authority to change in Kopps. 

Content and learning objectives

  • Course content *
  • Learning objectives *
  • Course pedagogical structure (**)
  • Links to degree objectives
  • Language of instruction
  • Detailed schedule
  • Key concept

Course literature and preparations

  • Special authorization *
  • Recommended previous knowledge **
  • Equipment **
  • Course literature **
  • Reading instructions
  • Disability (fixed text)

Examination and completion

  • Rating scale *
  • Examination *
  • Other requirements for final grade *
  • Examiner **
  • Ethical approach *
  • Goal-related grading criteria / assessment criteria
  • Examination details
  • Opportunity for completion **
  • Completion of the course
  • Opportunity for compensation information
  • Opportunity for plus **
  • If the course is changed or discontinued (fixed text)

More information

  • Other regulations *
  • Learning platform
  • The course is given by
  • Teacher
  • Communication with teachers
  • Course evaluation and course analysis
  • Changes prior to this course
  • Extension **

The course information project at KTH has developed a tool for generating course memos. The tool was completed in November 2020 and almost completely supports the structure for the course memo described above.