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Course analysis meeting

Collegial meetings for discussing course development. This will be a help for you how to organise a course analysis meeting.

The way in which a course analysis meeting is organized and carried out depends on the particular group of teachers. If the participants do not know each other well and are not very familiar with each other’s courses, you as the chairperson should try to compensate for this so that everyone feels welcome to attend the meeting. A main aim of the course analysis meeting is to act as a forum for exchange of ideas on, and experience of, course development and pedagogy.

Three to Five participants

Aim at organizing the meeting in groups of three to five participants. With three participants, a meeting will take about two hours. With five participants, it will take about three hours. For the participants to get the most out of the meeting, you should try to organize meetings with participants who can benefit from each other’s ideas and experience. This may be participants with similar courses but different organization, with the same or similar student groups, etc. Remember to word the invitation to the meeting in such a way that it is clear that participation is voluntary and that the aim of the meeting is clearly stated. You should also point out that the course evaluation and the course analysis meeting is an excellent basis for the mandatory course analysis.


Along with the invitation, you should send questions to the participants that they can work on as preparation for the meeting, if they are willing and have time. One suggestion is that they perform a preliminary course analysis and consider the following:

  • What are the stronger and weaker aspects of the learning environment, respectively?
  • What aspects would you like to develop? How should this be accomplished? How is this development expected to improve student learning? 
  • Do you need any support and/or competency development in order to implement the course development you would like to see? 

The organizers role is to guide the discussion in order to support the exchange of ideas and experience. 

Conduction the meeting

You will find a plan for the meeting, that has proved to work well, at the right on the page.  

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