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Course evaluation

Evaluation (värdering) of a course, submitted by students. According to The Higher Education Ordinance, it is a requirement to give the students the opportunity to express their experiences and views after a course has finished. This is not to be confused with the Swedish term Kursutvärdering, which, in the current context, is a compilation of the course evaluation, the course analysis and the course data.

Course analysis

The teacher’s summary and analysis of the course evaluation and the conclusions drawn from it. Each institution may determine which information is to be included in a course analysis.

Course questionnaire

A questionnaire in which the students are given the opportunity to systematically put forward their views on, and experience from, the course. Conducting a course questionnaire is the most common way of carrying out a course evaluation, but student interviews and informal talks with small groups of students can also occur.

Course data

Objective information about the course, such as the course number of credits, number of students and responsible teachers for example.

Performance rate


The sum of the ECTS credits awarded to all of the students in the course offering after all of the compulsory course modules have been assessed divided by the number of possible credits for the course (the course credits multiplied by the number of participants in the course offering).

Pass rate

The number of students on a course who have passed all compulsory course modules divided by the number of students on the course.
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Last changed: Apr 24, 2024