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Creating a course evaluation using LEQ

Start the process of Systematic Course Evaluation by sending an automatic questionnaire.

  1. On the course website there is a tool for creating an LEQ survey. The tool is to be found in the personal toolbar. You will find a link to the evaluation after each of your courses.
  2. There, you can step-by-step create a survey by choosing a LEQ template, a course offering, and a starting and finishing date for the survey.
  3. If you want, you can also add your own questions (max. 10 text questions), which normally is not needed since the open-ended questions in the questionnaire are also usually effective in covering specific views.
  4. The questionnaire is then sent to the students by means of a standardized e-mail, and a reminder is sent every four days to those who have not yet answered.
  5. When at least three students have answered, an LEQ report is created, in which you can follow how the students are answering the questionnaire. The report is also available to other teachers on the course offering, and to the examiner. Do note that you need answers from at least three students for the LEQ report to be created. If you suspect that you will get fewer answers, e.g. if you have a course with few participants, plan for a back-up solution for the student to leave feedback on the course.
  6. When the survey has been concluded, you’ll receive a notification about this via e-mail.

SUPPORT: If you have any technical problems with creating or viewing the questionnaire, contact KTH IT Support: .

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