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Learning Experience Questionnaire (LEQ)

The Learning Experience Questionnaire (LEQ) is an evidence-based tool for course evaluation and development, created by teachers and educational developers at KTH. As a teacher at KTH you can easily create and distribute a course evaluation to your students, and create a course analysis in which the required course data is included automatically.

LEQ examines your students' learning experience based on a number of evidence-based factors that have been found to improve student learning in higher education. It has been developed with the intent to:

  • facilitate collaboration and exchange of experience among teachers
  • help you find new ways to improve your students' learning
  • help you identify own needs for professional development
  • increase the meaningfulness of your work with course evaluation
  • facilitate student participation in your work with course development

The overall process, Systematic Course Analysis (SCA) where LEQ is a part of the process is illustrated below. The LEQ method is explained in more detail in the video "LEQ - an introduction" and the LEQ guide. 

SUPPORT: If you have any technical problems with creating or viewing the questionnaire, contact KTH IT Support:

SCA process
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