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This page is only a redirect to the download portal of the software manufacturer, outside the domain of KTH. For support regarding downloads and installation, you must contact the support of the software manufacturer.
NOTE: Registration may likely fail for users who forward their e-mails to external mail providers!

Download and installation instructions

The installation media will be provided by CambridgeSoft. Account creation is required to gain access to the media.
ChemBioDraw registration page

NOTE: The link below will take you to an external site. If you need help with download and/or installation, please contact the CambridgeSoft support .

If you are unsure about how to download or install ChemBioDraw you can follow the installation guides below.

Download/view ChemBioDraw registration/acquisitation guide.

Download/view ChemBioDraw installation guide. (pdf 411 kB)

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