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External recruitment support agreement

If you need external help in a recruitment, please contact HR in your school/Joint Operations Support (GVS). To review your help needs, your first contact should be the HR manager.

KTH has signed a framework agreement on recruitment support. This framework agreement is divided into three service categories.

HR managers and purchasing managers at the schools and GVS are entitled to place call-off orders under this agreement. The price for each service/product can be obtained from a person entitled to place call-off orders (the suppliers have imposed a duty of confidentiality in respect of price details). The call-off is made via Wisum. 

Before a call-off order is placed, there must be a recruitment permission decision.

For help with call-off orders in respect of senior management positions (head of function recruitment in particular), also contact Maria Salling , recruitment manager, tel. +46 (0)8 790 70 80.

For more information about the framework agreement itself, contact the HR manager or purchasing manager at your school or GVS.