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Work samples and tests

In pursuit of the perfect candidate, you can supplement the interview with ex. work samples or personality tests. It can provide valuable insight about the candidate and ensure that the right skills and candidate end up in the right place.

In some recruitments, it may be good to supplement the interview with other assessment tools to create the best possible picture of the candidate.

Work samples

Work samples are used to evaluate practical knowledge. Feel free to identify problem areas in the position to try. For example, the work test may be to solve a problem, do a test lecture or report / discuss an article.

It is important to agree in advance on assessment criteria for how the work sample's results should be evaluated. Applicants who will be performing the test must have the same prerequisites so it is important that there are written instructions, given time frames etc. Inform the current applicants in advance of any work test and remember to give feedback on the result after the evaluation.

Work psychological tests

KTH has signed a framework agreement on recruitment support. These suppliers are also our support in carrying out work psychological tests. You can read more about the different test and how the test process is carried out on the intranet- KTH's agreement with external suppliers who conduct the tests for us .

Personality test

Assists in getting an idea of the general character type and important personal characteristics. For example, you look at collaboration, initiative and what drives the person.

Proficiency tests

Measures talent and skills, such as verbal, numerical and analytical ability.