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Holidays and leave of absence

All types of leaves such as sick leave, vacation, parental leave, taking care of sick children, or leave of absence are administrated through a system called the self-reporting system at KTH. The self-reporting system ensures that all employees' wages will be corrected and paid correctly through the salary department.

The self reporting system

The self-reporting system contains information about your vacation days and your payslips. You can also change your home address and add whom is your closest relative/contact person in case of an emergency. You are responsible for updating this information in case of any changes.

When reporting your abscence, you must specify to what extent your abscence is planned. You specify the percentage of your leave in decimals, e.g. 20% as 0.20 or 50% as 0.5.

When you have reported your abscence, HR will receive it before sending it onward to your supervisor. If it is approved by your supervisor, your salary will be changed accordingly.

The self-reporting system

Manuals for the system and useful tips

Holidays and leave of absence

Wellness hour

All employees have the right to one hour of wellness activities per week, during paid working hours. This applies as long as the activity is carried out on one occasion between the hours of 08:00-16:30 and this applies to all employees, regardless of the extent of employment.

The hour includes change of clothing/transportation and cannot be accumulated over several weeks. Using the wellness hour should be in consultation with your manager and only when work activities and workload permit this.



Working hours for technical and administrative personnel

Salary payment dates