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When an employment ends

Here you will find an IT-related list which is important to consider when an employment ends. The content on the page is for both you who leave KTH, but also for you as a manager if you have an employee whose employment at KTH ends.

Checklist for you who ends your employment at KTH

If you end your employment at KTH, you need to review your KTH account, data, and hardware before you leave KTH.

Handling of data

As an employee, you need to ensure that your supervisor and/or your colleagues have access to relevant research data and other things you handled. To make it clear what does not need to be archived, take care to delete unnecessary data when you make the handover.

  • Manage your personal data in your home directory H: and KTH OneDrive, as you will not be able to access them after your account is deactivated. Check with your supervisor about where other data should be stored.
  • Put away your private folders and files that you may have stored locally on your KTH computer. Check with your supervisor about where other data should be stored.
  • It is important to transfer ownership of shared folders in OneDrive to a colleague, so they can continue working on those folders and files. Contact IT support for guidance.
  • Review your profile page, as KTH reserves the right to delete your profile page after your employment at KTH has ended. Read more About profile pages at KTH
  • If you are a channel owner in KTH Slack, transfer ownership before you quit. Contact IT Support if you need help.

Handling of the hardware

All KTH owned hardware must be left at KTH. Discuss with your supervisor how your hardware should be managed.

Handling of your KTH Account

You are responsible for managing all registrations where the KTH account is used, such as logging in to websites, forwarding e-mail, etc.

  • Your KTH account including email address will be deactivated. The deactivation takes place at the request of the personnel function at the school. Read more at  to find out what you need to do if you want to continue to be in contact with KTH
  • If necessary, move or copy your emails to a private email account. Information can be found at Move e-mail between different accounts .

Checklist when someone ends the employment (relevant to you as a supervisor)

Data in personal home directories, OneDrive, backup systems, etc. will be deleted when the KTH account is terminated. Therefore, it is important that you have access to the data you need, e.g. relevant research data.

 Also remember to do the following:

Ending of employment at KTH - the KTH Schools' own pages

Information about other procedures that apply when your employment ends, such as to whom you return IT equipment, keys and access cards, or how to terminate your mobile subscription and more, can be found on your school's specific pages.

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