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How good is ITM in environmental issues?

The audit report is here

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Published Dec 01, 2020

No deviations, seven suggestions for improvement and much praise. That was the result of the Environmental audit at ITM that was completed some days ago. Charlotte Flodin, Environment support at ITM, shares some praise and blame from the report.

Charlotte, what is ITM good at, according to the auditors?

“ We were credited for HPU hiring a development manager, Jon-Erik Dahlin, who develops modules to support teachers in the work of integrating sustainable development into programs and courses. GVS is already investigating how the entire KTH can learn lessons and benefit from this initiative”.

“ The auditors also saw that ITM has a good awareness and a vivid dialogue regarding integrating environment and sustainable development into our programmes and courses”.

“ The fact that ITM's purchases are centralized was also a positive remark, as it gives us good opportunities to set environmental and sustainability requirements”.

However, even the finest gemstone can be polished. What can we improve?

“ The ITM School received seven improvement proposals. In general, it is a matter of better integrating the issues concerning the environment and sustainable development into our daily work, for example in follow-up of programme analyses and in purchasing and disseminating information at the departments".

KTH Sustainability Office has coordinated the work together with Head of School Pär Jönsson, Head of Administration Christina Carlsson, Environmental Support Charlotte Flodin and Sustainability Strategist Anna Berglund from KTH Sustainability office. Many thanks to all of you who carried out the audit and to everyone from ITM who was involved and represented our school!

Read the whole Environmental Audit Report for ITM (Swedish)

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Last changed: Dec 01, 2020