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A new welcome at ITM

Portrait Ulrika and Gabriella
Ulrika Georgsson, Communications Officer, and Gabriella Brajkovic from the HR department have worked since August to give all new employees an equal start.
Published Mar 07, 2022

A film, a 6-week plan for new employees and an updated welcome folder in two languages. These are some of the results of a major initiative that will introduce new KTH employees to ITM in a professional way.

KTH is a complex workplace. As newly employed, you need to get to know your unit, understand what support you can get from school and the common University administration (GVS). In addition you must understand which networks at KTH you need to be part of. Previously, the introduction for new employees depended on which manager you had. And those new to Sweden have had difficulties navigating all the information.

This is about to change. Gabriella Brajkovic  from the HR department at ITM and Ulrika Georgsson , Communications Officer, have worked since August last year to give all new employees an equal start to the job.

”Onboarding is an important part of an organization's success. It is more than just giving information to new employees. The purpose is both to integrate a new employee in new relationships and to provide the necessary information. Onboarding is a key step in bringing in productive employees”, says Gabriella Brajkovic.

As relatively new to KTH, Gabriella has been able to have fresh eyes on what can be improved:

”Coming to KTH I received good support, but there is potential to have even clearer documentation and structure that help both me as a new employee and my manager in this process.”

After looking at earlier initiatives, such as introductory days with “fika” and other initiatives, a few new suggestions came up. The physical welcome folder was sharpened and translated into English. Now it also exists as a digital version so that the physical folder can be phased out over time.

An introductory film replaces the introductory days that previously attracted too few visitors. The film gives a first insight into the ITM School and the support you can get with everything from ordering coffee to certifying invoices.

”Video is a good complement to all oral information and paperwork that a new employee must handle. A film can also be reused and watched over and over again without any extra effort,” says Gabriella.

A new 6-week introductory plan is introduced, where the manager and a "buddy" step by step lead the new colleague into different parts of the organization – in everything from finding the copy machine and testing their access card to personal development and expanding their network.

”Now I hope that all new ITM people feel welcome and included and get a professional onboarding.”

Text: Anna Gullers

More about the introduction

The introductory plan and video was launched and presented on March 8, at Ledarforum. You will find all material on the page for new employees at ITM.

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Last changed: Mar 07, 2022