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This is ITM's new HR manager

Alexandar Dimitrijevic is the ITM School's HR manager since June 2021.
Published Jun 14, 2021

The ITM School has a new HR manager. We welcome Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, who is currently being introduced to his new job by Anna Blendow.

There is no point in saying "Welcome to KTH", the workplace is not completely new to you – tell us what you have done before.

”I have a background in HR and finance from various industries, mainly finance, non-profit organisations and fine-tech. I’ve had various roles such as recruiter, consulting manager, financial analyst, HR manager and COO. And quite rightly, I have also worked at KTH before, as an HR specialist at GVS, but I have also worked part-time during the spring with an HR project for the IT department”.

What is it about this role that attracts you?

”The challenge and the opportunity to work in a large organisation where many people are passionate about what they do. To be able to contribute with strong HR support that can strengthen the employees and create a good work culture. Then it's also cool to be at one of the top universities and everything that comes with that, something we should be proud of at KTH”.

What are you like as a manager?

”I am a fairly simple person who has great faith in employees and colleagues. I believe in ’freedom with responsibility’ and that you can support people at different levels depending on personality and needs. And of course it is important that you follow up your work and are supportive – more that, than being "a boss". I like to see people develop and I like to see people dare to take responsibility – it benefits both the employee but also the organisation”.

Which of your personal characteristics will be the most useful in your new role?

”As a person, I believe (and hope) that I am sensitive and good at reading situations, it is useful and important in an HR role where people are in focus. I dare to make decisions and dare to give clear feedback. If something is unclear, a situation often becomes anxious and takes time, which in turn can lead to great frustration”.

Do you have any idea about upcoming challenges or already see things you want to change?

”I think it is important to take in and understand an organisation or department before you start changing things up. But since I have been to KTH before, I can see things that can be changed or refined – like general processes for the whole of KTH, such as getting a clearer structure in working methods and getting a more similar work in HR issues between the schools and GVS. Having a structured foundation frees up more time to work strategically and proactively on other HR issues. I think you have to constantly work with development so you don’t slip behind and stagnate”.

Three words that describe the department you want to run?

”Fun, structured and distinct”.

Who is the private Aleks?

”I am a happy and social person who often focus on my children and family. I like to ride my vespa when the weather allows it, and I love sports in all its forms. If I can, I like to watch movies or read a book”.

Text: Anna Gullers

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Last changed: Jun 14, 2021