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The school's communicator officer can help you with:

* External and internal web

* Simpler film productions and photography

* Purchase of communication services

* Ordering printed matter (posters, business cards, logos)

* Visual identity

* KTH Social

* KTH form

* Social Media



Polopoly is the web publishing system that KTH uses. On KTH's central pages, you will find manuals, operational information and upcoming development work.

Education and eligibility for polopoly

To be able to work in Polopoly, access to a KTH.SE account and affiliation to one of Polopoly's authorization groups is required. To be eligible for Polopoly and be able to edit and publish on KTH's web pages, you first need to take the web-based basic course offered by KTH IT.

Application for the course can be found here

After completing the course, contact the school's webmaster and announce which pages you wish to be able to edit.

SCI School Web Support
Polopoly support for all users within the SCI school.

KTH's central Polopoly support
Email to:

Personal profile page

With a portrait image, description and other additional information, you will be more visible to students, colleagues and the world around you. An updated comprehensive profile strengthens your role at KTH both inwards and outwards. You become more searchable online, easier to get in touch with and your part in activities at KTH clarified!

As an employee at KTH your profile page is always public. You can however, affect the parts of the profile page that will be visible to everyone, only for KTH users or only yourself. Contact information retrieved from KTH HR records is always public. If your profile page for special reasons should not be publicly displayed, please contact your nearest Human Resources Officer.

More information:

How to create an effective profile page  (the link leads to the ITM school's website)

Visit your profile page here

Contact the school communication officer if you want help and advice on how to improve your profile page

Canvas courses for KTH researchers

Canvas course in reasearch communikation offer researchers a chance to develop professionally.

Register for the course here

Reach out and spread your research

Tricks that'll spread your research

Why must researchers communicate what they are doing, isn't publishing articles in scientific journals enough? And social media – are they really relevant to a researcher? Asking Wouter van der Wijngaart, researcher at the EECS school, successful research is the one that reaches out. His advice is: "Don't be afraid to simplify".

Read more  (link redirect to ITM school)

Impact at SCI