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KTHs course room template in Canvas

As an aid for teachers to get started to create their courses in Canvas, there is a ready-made course room template. The template contains many recommended settings for course rooms and information about the functions in Canvas. Some editing of the template is required before you fill it with course material.

Template for course room

The work with a mutual template for the most common course rooms is in the final phase. There is a template that is downloadable through Canvas Commons and in the near future all new course rooms will be created according to the template. Since course rooms often are created and sometimes edited by teachers long before the rooms are used, the implementation takes longer time than, for example, the examination room template.

The course room template helps you as a teacher by activating settings in your course room that often are needed, and by highlighting our recommendations. The course room template has the following content:

  • Course navigation only shows the functions that students most commonly need access to: “Home”, “Syllabus”, “Modules”, “Announcements”, “People”, “Assignments” and “Grades”. The rest are hidden from students to simplify the course navigation.
  • The Home page contains information and recommendations about the course structure.
  • An announcement is created to show how they are presented if they are chosen to be shown on the “Home” page. The announcement includes information on how to activate and deactivate the function.
  • Settings for course and the grade overview
    • “Manually Post Grades” is chosen so that grades for students are posted at the same time, when you as a teacher chooses to do so.
    • Course grading scheme is activated and set to the standard of KTH.

Manage the course room template before constructing the course

Before you can start building your course, you should first go through the following steps:

  1. Read and edit the “Home” page
  2. Manage “Announcements”
  3. Manage the course grading scheme
  4. Go through the checklist

1. Read and edit the “Home” page

The template has a great deal of information to you as a teacher on the “Home” page, with explanations and links to more material for those that wish to develop their Canvas skills. Since the information is aimed at teachers, it is strongly recommended that you delete all cursive text on the page after you have finished reading it, and instead write the information that you want to give your students when they arrive at the “Home” page.

To edit the “Home” page, press the “Edit” button when you are on the page, edit the page to your liking and save your changes.

If you want to know more about what you can do with the “Home” page, read more about Pages in Canvas , including how the text editor works

2. Manage “Announcements”

The template includes one announcement to show you how announcements are presented when they are shown on the home page, go to “Announcements” in the course navigation menu to read it. The information in the template announcement is of no use for the students, and can therefore be deleted after you have read it. The announcement contains information about which settings that are activated for the announcement to be shown on the home page, and how you change the number of shown announcements or how you turn the function off.

To delete an announcement, check the check box next to it and press the trash bin icon next to the button for adding new announcements. Alternatively you can press the three dots to the right of the announcement and choose “Delete”.

Read more about announcements .

3. Manage the course grading scheme

The course grading scheme is the grading scheme that will be used as default for all assignments created with a letter grade. The template includes the KTH standard grading scheme. You can replace it when creating assignments, but for simplicities sake, the course grading scheme should be set as the one that you will use the most in the course.

If you want to create your own grading scheme, change the course grading scheme or deactivate the function, continue reading on “ The Gradebook ” page, under the heading “Grading Schemes simplifies the transfer to Ladok”.

4. Go through the checklist

Before you start adding material to your course room, we at E-learning recommend you to read through the checklists we have created to ensure that you don’t miss an important step, especially the checklist Create course room in Canvas .

When nearing the start of the course, we also recommend you to look through the checklist Before the start of the course .

Watch the video on News about Canvas and course room template, Lunch 'n' Learn webinar (In Swedish, KTH Play).

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KTHs course room template in Canvas
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