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KTH uses the method of competency-based recruitment to assess in an equal and qualitative manner the personal competencies of applicants for advertised positions. The method is based on structured interviews.

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Introduction to Competency-based recruitment (KBR) & Structured interview technique

KTH uses the method of competency-based recruitment to assess in an equal and qualitative way the personal competencies of applicants for our advertised positions. The method is based on structured interviews with behavioral questions. The purpose of the structured interview is to evaluate the candidates' abilities in relation to the skills presented in the advertisement. The fact that the interview is structured means that the questions are behavioral and determined in advance and the interviewer asks the same questions to all candidates. In this way, we can treat all candidates equally, which makes it easier for us to compare and assess candidates and to avoid discrimination.

Contact your HR at your school for more information about competency-based recruitment as well as for support in the organization and conduct of structured interviews.

Training in Competency-based recruitment and structured interview technology

You can also participate in KTH's own education in Structured Interview Technique- read more and register here .

If there is no current education, or if you wish to conduct your own course at your school or your department, contact Maria Salling, Functional Recruitment and Employer Branding on phone 08 -790 70 80 or email .

System support and templates for Competency-based recruitment

KTH has access to a skills library with definitions of a number of personal competencies. You can use the library as support for completing the personal skills of the recruitment permit. The library is based on Malin Lindelöw's (Doctor of Psychology) competency model. You will find the competence library in Varbi or here on the intranet. In KTH's recruitment system Varbi you can then mark the personal competencies you have chosen in your employment profile / recruitment permit / advertisement and get an interview and reference template with a question battery for the selected competencies. You will also find these interview and reference templates here on the right side.

Quick guide to Competency-based & Structured interview technique.

Why has KTH chosen competency-based and structured interview methodology?

  • More professional recruitment process where KTH's brand as employer is strengthened
  • A methodology that favors a non-discriminatory approach throughout the recruitment process, based on KTH's overall work on gender equality, diversity and equal conditions
  • Fewer mistake recruitments save time, resources and money. An error recruitment costs an average of SEK 700,000, a manager's recruitment about SEK 2-3 million and for a professor's employment about SEK 5-10 + million.
  • More efficient recruitment processes
  • Focus on the candidate experience and that all candidates get the same chance, are judged on the right grounds and receive as equal treatment as possible during the recruitment process
  • If all candidates receive the same questions, we can more easily compare and judge them against each other
  • Contribute to achieving KTH's goals and visions by attracting and recruiting the right staff
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