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The purpose of rehabilitation is that a person who had a reduction in physical or mental performance would rebuild optimal functioning regard to the business requirements and to the persons work ability. To achieve a good result in the rehabilitation it is important that it will start as early as possible.

Responsibility for the rehabilitation

If you have a reduction in your work ability, it is your manager that has the responsibility for the rehabilitation throughout the rehabilitation process. To ensure that you get a good return to your work, it is important that you take initiative and are active and participate in your rehabilitation. You should therefore provide the information needed to identify rehabilitation needs and participate in the planning of your rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation plan

As a manager you should make a rehabilitation plan, in consultation with the employee when:

  • If the employee is expected to be on sick leave for at least 60 days from the first day of the period of illness. The plan must be prepared no later than day 30 of the period of illness.
  • When an employee has been ill six times during a 12-month period.
  • When the employee requests it.
  • When the employer considers it necessary.

The plan is primarily a support for the rehabilitation work in the workplace and will facilitate an early return to work. The plan can also be a basis for the Swedish Social Insurance Agency's handling of sick leave and rehabilitation matters.

It is the manager that is responsible for the documentation of the rehabilitation process. The documentation should be done from meetings (also canceled), agreements, planning, evaluation and discussion.

It is important that you feel that the material and the information in the rehabilitation handles carefully by all participants. Secrecy must be considered in these cases.

Plan for return to work plan

Use the template that Försäkringskassan has developed together with the employers' organizations when you develop a plan for return to work. It replaces the previous template that KTH had. More information and template can be found here ( only in swedish .

Who does what?

  • The employee's responsibility is to provide information on rehabilitation needs, participate in planning and participating in rehabilitation.
  • The HR function are a specialist resource that can provide advice and support throughout the rehabilitation process.
  • Trade unions are a support for the individual member. You have the right to have a union representative in the rehabilitation meetings. Even a safety officer can act as support.
  • Occupational health care is a specialist resource that can provide advice and support throughout the rehabilitation process.
  • Försäkringskassan can provide funds for operating equipment and travel costs.
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