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Tips when working with your course room in Canvas

Here you will find some tips that you may find helpful when working with your course room in Canvas. Among other things, you can read about how to create closeness in the digital classroom, how to introduce yourself and how to favourite courses and set notifications.

Resources and recommendations

The Education’s First and Second Cycle Education Committee at KTH has drawn recommendations to support you when you plan and complete your course. Every educational situation is unique, but hopefully, you will find something that can be applied to your particular course. Resources and recommendations for digital education .

Create closeness in the digital classroom

Closeness in digital classrooms requires a little more work than in physical classrooms and is appreciated by the students. Here are some tips you can use.

Introduce yourself and choose a profile picture

In the first week of the course, you can welcome the students and introduce yourself through an Announcement (which can be personal). Read about The Announcements function in Canvas .

Choose a profile picture for your account (instead of the anonymous grey profile picture). Students will see your image when they communicate with you in Canvas and under "People". Feel free to encourage the students to do the same, albeit as something voluntary.

Update your profile with text

Also, update your profile with a short descriptive text. The students can read that text by clicking on your name in Canvas. Also, feel free to recommend your students to update their profiles. Learn more about updating your profile on the Account Settings page .

Present the course on the Start page

The Start page, "Home", is the first thing displayed in a Canvas room. At the start of the course, it is advisable to have a welcome page with a course introduction. After that, the Start page can be changed so that the students get directly to the course content via Course Modules.

Favourite mark courses for a better overview

Customize which courses should appear in your "Dashboard" by marking courses as favourites based on your preferences, current semester, period or other. You can still access all your courses under "Courses". How do I favourite a course? (

You can also give courses a nickname that only you see. How do I give the course a nickname? (

Set notifications

To ensure that the communication in Canvas reaches you, you can adjust your notification and contact settings for your Canvas account. Learn more about how to change your notification settings . Also, show your students how to set their notification settings.

Ask the students

Don't be afraid to ask students what they think of the course room. Is it easy to find the material? Is there something difficult to understand about the arrangement? Have a dialogue with the students about their digital classroom and listen to their suggestions for improvements.