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Mini studio

A mini studio is a complete recording solution for those who want to record their own videos for teaching and digital educational materials.

A small and complete studio

See an introduction video about the mini studio

KTH's mini studios are for teachers and staff at KTH and allow employees to record and produce complete videos. Teachers often use the mini studio solution to produce video-related educational materials for students, such as pre-recorded lectures or information films.

As a teacher, you do not need advanced prior knowledge in video recording to work with the mini studio. The recording equipment purchased by KTH's schools allows teachers to record and edit lectures and lessons completely in the mini studios.

An advantage of the mini studio is that the equipment is developed to maintain good technical quality. Another advantage is that the hardware and software equipment are standardised, facilitating central IT support to the mini studios.

KTH's schools purchase a mini studio

It is KTH's schools that purchase the mini studio, and it is ordered by IT support. The mini studio consists of a complete bundle with recording equipment set up in, for example, a small room or a meeting room at school. IT support helps with the installation and assembly of the recording equipment. Remember that the mini studio must be ordered and delivered, so request the mini studio well in advance if you want to use it in time.

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Areas of use

The mini studio is meant to be used for the following tasks:

  • Recording and editing of materials and videos for teaching, for example, with a teacher visible in the video or just heard via a voice-over
  • Audio and voice recordings
  • Production of materials that require better technical quality than most home recordings.

Due to spatial limitations and mounting arrangements, the mini studio is less suitable for broadcasts and recordings with more people in the picture.

Studio environment

Mini studio on an adjustable desk
The mini studio is set up in a smaller room. It consists of a microphone, camcorder with remote control, two LED lights, a computer with screen, mouse and keyboard, two speakers, and an adjustable desk.


The technical equipment included is:

  • A desktop computer
  • A speaker camera that can be controlled with a remote control
  • A directional microphone for good sound recording
  • Two LED lights on adjustable stands
  • Speakers for monitoring the sound.


The software included for video editing is Camtasia and Kaltura. Camtasia provides access to slightly more advanced video editing options, while Kaltura offers simpler software features. Standard programs, such as PowerPoint and Word, are also included. If there is a need for specific additional software, which is not included in the standard package, please contact IT Support to complement your mini studio package.

The mini studio comes with both a digital and a printed version of a guide to Camtasia. The digital version can be found on the computer desktop when you log in to the mini studio computer. The printed version should be found on the mini studio's physical desk.

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Work in the mini studio

Preparations before recording

Make an appointment for recording according to your school's routines. Then:

  • Gather your digital educational materials, such as PowerPoint slides.
  • Prepare a script and possible talking points.
  • Plan the recording by rehearsing. This is recommended to make the work at the recording time more efficient.
  • Make space in the cloud service to save your recorded material.

Start the system

Begin by starting the hardware system. All settings will be ready as the system starts up. Log in with your KTH ID and open the software for presentation and recording. Next, save your project files in a folder, in a good place for storing, and make a test recording.

Record and edit video

You are now ready to record your instructional video. During the recording process, you can stop the recording, make new recordings, and pause when needed.

To edit recorded clips, use the program you selected, Camtasia or Kaltura. KTH Play (Kaltura) is mainly recommended for shorter videos that do not need to be updated, as its editing features are very limited.

Camtasia is preferable for recordings in which more advanced features are required for video editing. However, learning to use the tool will take some time. Read more about recording and software under the links below.

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Post-production and accessibility adaptation

Post-produce your film before publishing. During this step, detailed editing takes place, and if necessary, adjustment of light and colour levels and control of sound for the final version. Accessibility adjustments for your video also occur during post-production, including captioning and visual interpretation if required. After this step, your video material for teaching is ready to be exported and published on KTH Play.

When the recording session is complete, log out of your account.

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For more information and to order a mini studio, contact KTH IT support at .