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How to get help in the new IT organization

Published Mar 23, 2020

The IT staff at ITM has moved - organizationally - to the IT department within GVS.

“When we summarize the situation, we can see that it was a positive change for the staff. In addition, we feel that users are satisfied that the service level remains high, something that we always strive for”, says Lars Eneslätt at the IT department who below gives an overview of how to navigate among the IT services.

How do I report IT issues in the new organization?

Anyone in need of IT support turns to the central IT support. This is done via e-mail to  or phone 08-790 66 00. You also have an opportunity to address your local IT technician who provides help on the spot.

All errands are received by a 1st line technician who tries to resolve the matter immediately. If the problem remains, the errand is forwarded within the organization.

Local IT Technicians

There are technicians located locally at the school and they are divided into three teams.

From Monday March 30 2020, the Local IT Technicians of the ITM School will be located as follows:

Team ITM Nord supports:

  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Energy Technology
  • Engineering Design
  • Learning
  • Production Engineering


  • Brinellvägen 23, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Brinellvägen 68, next to Service Center

Team ITM Syd supports:

  • Industrial Economics and Management
  • University Administration ITM
  • ITM School Management

  • ITM Service Center South


  • Lindstedtsvägen 30, floor 5 (Sing-sing)
  • Roslagstullsbacken 29 (Vetenskapens hus)

Team Södertälje supports:

  • Production Engineering


  • Kvarnbergagatan 12, floor 2

How are common cases handled in the new organization?

Ordering a KTH account

KTH accounts must be created manually for people who are not KTH employees by authorized persons. Don't forget to read the conditions for these accounts.

Purchases of computers, mobile devices, licenses and telecommunications

  1. If you need help filling out the form, contact your local IT technician by sending an e-mail to

Ordering Portal for ITA Services

Ordering of other ITA services such as KTH Windows, KTH Mac and licenses etc. is done through the ordering tool by designated clients for the ITM school, such as unit managers, function managers and operations controllers. 

  1.   If you are not a designated client, find the right person here (Swe)
  2. Contact your designated client and describe what you need. Also put your nearest manager in copy, as they need to confirm the order.
  3. Designated clients can find the Ordering Portal for ITA services here

AV support

Technology in meeting rooms often create stress. Therefore, you can choose freely if it is best to contact your local IT technician, choose AV support by phone 08-790 66 00, or make a regular (takes a little longer) by email to .

Extra support and information opportunities

If necessary, IT can attend group or APT meetings to inform about various IT issues. If there is a need and interest in the operations, IT also has the opportunity to assist in seminars on, for example the basics of the Office package, e-mail or other specific services. Order this via the regular support channels  or 08-790 66 00.

Tasks for Local IT Technicians

In addition to what is described in this working description , these tasks are also included:


The IT staff helps with the purchase, connection and configuration of printers. Caretakers fill toner, handle paper jams. IT helps with troubleshooting and error reporting.


The IT staff helps with inventory and goes through the lists together with the Service Center. ITM should have at least as good support from IT with the inventory even after the centralization. 


The Local IT Technician removes the old equipment when a new delivery arrives, or it is handed over to the local IT staff on another occasion that handles the recycling. The Local IT Technician provides the economists with the data needed to remove the equipment from the plant register. 

Empty cartons

At present, either the caretaker or the Local IT Technician handles the boxes after eg. and computer delivery.  

IT stocks

The IT staff ensures that there is a local IT store. The cost of these parts is handled centrally by the school.


IT staff helps with IT purchasing advice for ITM school staff. They also give support if the customer needs help filling out the purchase form. This aims to make the order as correct as possible, and to speed up the process.