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Appointments Board

The appointments board is a preparatory body to the president in matters relating to the employment and promotion of teachers. The appointments board also prepares questions about docentship.

The appointments board consists of a chair, a vice chair and seven members who are permanently employed as professor or associate professor. The students are entitled to representation by three members.


  • Anna Wistrand, professor


  • Mats Wallin, professor


  • Folke Björk, Professor
  • Markus Kärkäs, Associate Professor
  • Monica Lindgren, Professor
  • Maria Saprykina, Associate Professor
  • Mikael Skoglund, Professor
  • Joachim Obenhammer, Professor

Student representantives

  • Doga Gürgünoglu
  • Katarina Lindmark

Union representantives

  • Erik Edstam
  • Stephan Schönecker


Kerstin Lagerstedt

Term of office

July 1st 2019 - June 30th 2024