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Docent Committee ITM (School of Industrial Engineering and Management)

A docent committee at the school is responsible for the examination of teaching expertise and the docent interview (which may only be held once).
During the interview, the docent committee shall consist of three members, one of whom is the chair and at least one teacher representative. Students have the right to be represented with a member. The composition of the committee should partly reflect the current postgraduate education subject. Women and men should be equally represented on the committee.


Natalia Skorodumova, Professor


Frauke Urban, Associate Professor
Björn Palm, Professor


Jannis Angelis, Associate Professor
Andreas Archenti, Professor
Andreas Cronhjort, Associate Professor
Kristina Edström, Associate Professor
Mikael Ersson, Associate Professor
Mana Farshid, Associate Professor
Lei Feng, Associate Professor
Charlotte Holgersson, Associate Professor
Stefan Hrastinski, Professor
Henrik Larsson, Researcher
Andrew Martin, Professor
Anna Pernestål, Researcher
Magnus Wiktorsson, Professor

HR Officer


Term of office:

2020-01-01 - 2023-12-31