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Promotion Board

The Promotion Board is responsible for dealing with matters that relate to the promotion of associate professor to professor and the promotion from assistant professor to associate professor.

This board also includes the handling the appointment of teachers in the School of Engineering of Scientific Communication and Learning. Students have the right to be represented by two members in each academic appointments committee.

Anyone who is a member of a recruitment committee or the employment board can also be a member (teacher representative) of the promotion board in individual cases, after approval by the chairman of the promotion board.


Sofia Ritzén, Dean of Faculty


Nina Wormbs, Vice Dean of Faculty


Berit Balfors, Professor
Liubov Belova, Professor
Per Berglund, Professor
Tore Brinck, Professor
Anna Finne Wistrand, Professor
Iolanda Leite, Associate Professor
Per Lundqvist, Professor
Karin Odelius, Professor
Tobias Oechtering, Professor
Malin Selleby, Professor
Ragnar Thobaben, Professor
Mats Wilhelmsson, Professor
Dan Zenkert, Professor
Carl-Mikael Zetterling, Professor
Malin Åkermo, Professor

HR Officer and Secretary

Helena Brandel
Katarina Bröms
Dilek Gür
Johanna Johansson
Kerstin Lagerstedt
Jennifer Lindholm

Contact information

Contact information to all HR officers in teacher recruitment

Term of office:

2020-01-01 -- 2024-06-30