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Recruiting Committee ITM (School of Industrial Engineering and Management)

The Recruiting Committee is responsible for preparing and submitting proposals for the following positions: Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor.
Students have the right to be represented in each academic recruiting committee.


Andrew Martin, Professor


Kristina Andersson, Associate professor


Kjell Andersson, Professor
Andreas Archenti, Professor
Ellen Bergseth, Associate professor
Jennie Björk, Associate professor
Terrence Edison Brown, Professor
Kristina Edström, Associate professor
Mana Farshid, Associate professor
Sergei Glavatski, Professor
Lena Gumelius, Associate professor
Charlotte Holgersson, Associate professor
Dilip Khatiwada, Associate professor
Antonio Maffei, Associate professor
Mats Magnusson, Professor
Viktoria Martin, Professor
Joakim Odqvist, Professor
Amir Rashid, Professor
Claes Tisell, Associate professor
Magnus Wiktorsson, Professor
Gunilla Ölundh Sandström, Associate professor

HR Officer

Link to Contact information for recruitment matters

Term of office

2020-01-01 - 2024-12-31