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Communication strategies at KTH

The purpose of KTH communications is not merely for the world to know about the university, KTH also needs to take an active role in shaping the associations that stakeholders have concerning KTH. The objective of this Communications Strategy is to create a more clearly-defined, cohesive and fair image of KTH.

KTH Communication Strategy was decided by the president and is valid from 2011-01-01.

The KTH Communication Strategy

The KTH Communication Strategy (pdf 1.0 MB)

2017-02-28 the president decided to introduce a strategy for communicating sustainable development. Both strategies describe how communication within and from the organisation should be conducted. The difference between them is that the startegy for communicating sustainable development focuses on the area of sustainable development.

Strategy for communicating sustainable development

Strategy for communicating sustainable development (pdf 176 kB)

More information

The department for corporate communication at KTH is responsible for KTH Communications strategy and the Strategy for communicating sustainable development. For inquries please contact Åsa Ankarcrona , head of communications, or Gunilla Iverfelt , brand manager.