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  • Get to know Stefan at the Infrastructure and service unit

    He walks up to 16,000 steps daily and ensures you have a working office space and a functioning coffee machine in your nearest kitchen. Meet the caretaker Stefan Sundström, who worked as an actor in advertising and as a security driver for ambassadors before he started at KTH.

  • Get to know Goran, the school's controller

    When Goran Seradji is not juggling numbers, he climbs mountains and spends time with his daughter. When he started at KTH last November, he felt that the circle was closed - read why in the article.

  • Get to know Karl at HR

    When Karl is not supporting the school's divisions with personnel administration, he throws the occasional piece of paper at an HR colleague or organises an after-work. He gave up playing the saxophone; he felt sorry for the neighbours.

  • Get to know Natasha at HR

    She's a binge-watching series-loving mommy clown in her spare time and at work, a supportive HR administrator. Get to know Natasha Kapama at the EECS HR Unit.

  • Get to know the new finance manager

    How can the finance unit be compared to a garden, and what are the three most essential experiences Karin brings to her new role? Meet EECS's new financial manager Karin and read about her plans for the financial unit.

  • Here is the school's new communication manager

    Meet Sturle Hauge Simonsen, the new head of the communication unit at EECS.

  • Hi Andreas, new Head of the Infrastructure and service unit

    We have spoken with Andreas Sjögren, the new Head of the Infrastructure and service unit.

  • Get to know Linnea, group leader at the Service Center

    You may recognise Linnea Sundling from one of the school's Service Centers, which she moves between as needed. Before starting as a group leader at Infrastructure and Service, she worked in a hotel reception and has a bachelor's degree in Tourism Science.

  • Hi Anton, Borggården's new IT technician!

    Meet Borggården's new IT support, Anton Eklind. He replaces Mattias Jonsson, who is on leave. Don't hesitate to turn to him with your technical concerns.

  • Lisa Olsson supports managers in recruitment

    Since she started at EECS a year ago, Lisa Olsson has supported the school's divisions during the doctoral recruitment process. We spoke to her about her role, how it has developed and why hiring managers should continue to use the service.

  • Get to know Nilgün

    This is Nilgün Aydin, study counsellor for the 5-year engineering programme in Information Technology. In her job, she makes sure, among other things, that the students get important information in good time and supports them when things are tough.

  • Get to know Susy, third-cycle educational administrative officer

    "Which KTH?" exclaimed Susy Mathew when KTH called her almost 25 years ago after she registered with the Swedish Public Employment Service. Since then, she has worked in several roles, the last ten years as a third-cycle educational administrative officer for EECS's four doctoral programmes.

  • Get to know the international coordinator Christina

    ” Right person, right place, right time, " said someone, pointing at the globetrotter Christina Gabrielsson working as an international coordinator. KTH's own Carrie Bradshaw look-a-like, guides the students to their exchange studies.

  • Meet Karolin, third-cycle educational administrative officer at EECS

    This is Karolin Sköldborg, third-cycle educational administrative officer at EECS. She loves her job but wishes it was in her favourite country, Italy.

  • Get to know Viktor – caretaker and work environment fan

    Viktor doesn't just ensure your desk chair or light bulb works. He also skims safety data sheets on chemicals or points out dangers in your work environment. And then it was that time when he quickly created a fire-resistant battery charging cabinet. He also loves everything that is near the water but prefers to stay dry.

  • Get to know the master coordinator Cristina

    Meet Cristina Janland La Verde, an economist originally who ended up at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) through an unexpected detour.

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