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The Gradebook in Canvas

The Gradebook provides teachers and students with a visual overview of assignments and grades. Teachers can also edit grades directly in the overview or proceed to SpeedGrader.

A visualization of grades

The Gradebook can be found under "Grades" in the course menu in Canvas. The Gradebook can be described as a visualization of students, assignments and grades in the form of a table. You can access and make various settings for your assignments from here. You can also proceed directly to SpeedGrader. In the Gradebook video walkthrough, you can learn more.

The students have their own view of the Gradebook, which only show them their own grades, feedback and results. Students often appreciate having one place where they can see what the teacher has registered about their performance during the course.

In Canvas, assessments are given – not grades

Keep in mind that the grades given in Canvas are actually assessments. Results and assessments presented in Canvas can sometimes be incorrectly interpreted as official grades (in Ladok). Setting grades is an exercise of public authority and the grades are always published only in Ladok.

We recommend that you are clear to your students about what assessments are, to avoid misunderstandings. When you publish results or assessments, it is recommended to clearly state how they are included in the grading process. This is important from a legal perspective, since as soon as a result becomes a grade, stricter rules apply to how it can be changed.

Remember to report to Ladok

Keep in mind that the results for a course module has to be reported to Ladok within 15 working days after the examination date. It is not enough to report, for example, exam results only through Canvas.

Feel free to use the function KTH Transfer to Ladok, read more about it on the page How to transfer grades from Canvas to Ladok .

Video presentation of the Gradebook

Canvas has a video that explains the Gradebook. There are timestamps for the information below the video and there is a text version of the video ( .

Timestamps for information in the video

  • 00:00 - Find and orientate in the Gradebook.
  • 00:30 - View options.
  • 01:00 - Late Policies for submissions.
  • 01:40 - Grade Posting Policy (recommended to be set to manual mode).
  • 02:30 - Sort students in the Gradebook.
  • 03:30 - Manage the order and display settings for assignments and submissions.
  • 05:25 - Change settings for a specific assignment.
  • 06:31 - Handle each submitted assignment individually.
  • 07:10 - Assignment groups in the Gradebook.
  • 07:23 - Import and export the Gradebook to CSV file.
  • 07:47 - Gradebook individual view.
  • 08:30 - Gradebook History.
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