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The Grades function in Canvas

Grades in Canvas are presented in an overview in the Gradebook for teachers and students. More detailed assessments are made in SpeedGrader for both assignments and quizzes, but in slightly different ways. It is also possible to automate the transfer of grades in Canvas to Ladok. On the following pages you can learn more.

You can navigate to the pages about "Grades" in the navigation menu or click on the links under each heading.

The Gradebook

In Canvas' navigation menu option "Grades", you can find the Gradebook, where the teacher and students get a visual overview of all assessments. In order for assessments in Canvas to work optimally, you sometimes need to set a "grading scheme" for an assignment or arrange "assignment groups" so that the grades are weighed together in the way you as a teacher want.

Read about the overall feature for managing grades; The Gradebook in Canvas .

SpeedGrader in Canvas

SpeedGrader is the Canvas function where you perform the actual assessment of the students' work. On the linked page below, you will find information on how to find SpeedGrader, carry out anonymous assessments and how to work in SpeedGrader.

Read about SpeedGrader in Canvas .

Manage results with Canvas

Learn more about how to note points in different ways and Canvas' three ways to weigh results. When assessing a student's work, there are several different ways in Canvas to manage and communicate the student's results. When the students have completed several assignments that are to be weighed together into a grade, there is also support for different methods for weighing together.

Read about Manage results with Canvas .

Assess documents in Canvas

Scanned exams to Canvas

Do you want to use a campus-based proctored exam but not have to deal with the large piles of paper afterwards and do the assessment work in Canvas SpeedGrader? In the examination room for the exam, you can easily choose to import the students' written exams as assignments in a Canvas Assignment with the help of the function KTH Import Exams. You can control the settings for the Assignment in Canvas and then effectively assess the exams as regular digital submissions.

Read more about Scanned exams to Canvas .

This guide contains information on how teachers can handle assignments that have been submitted or placed in a Canvas assignment. The guide describes step by step, with screenshots and text, assessment of documents, for example such as handwritten documents uploaded as PDFs. The assessment tools are generally handled the same for all assignments where the uploaded file can be displayed in SpeedGrader so the guide works for most assessment work to be done in Canvas.

Learn how to assess documents in Canvas .

Assess results from New Quizzes in Canvas

This guide describes how SpeedGrader handles results from New Quizzes. The guide shows step by step, with screenshots and text, which SpeedGrader functions that work for a quiz. Please note that results from a Quiz cannot be handled in the same way as submissions from a Canvas assignment.

Learn how to assess results from New Quizzes in Canv as.

Transfer grades to Ladok

The "KTH Transfer to Ladok" function helps you to transfer data from published assignments in Canvas to Ladok modules. In order for the transfer to be automated, certain criteria for the assignments in Canvas must be met. Here you will find the information on how to use the function, both in text and in a short video.

Read how to transfer grades in Canvas to Ladok .

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