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New Quizzes item banks

Here you can learn how to handle item banks in New Quizzes. You learn how to create and share an item bank, add questions to the item bank and add questions from the item bank to a quiz.

Create an item bank

To create a random group of questions, you need an item bank. To create an item bank you need to start by either:

  • Choosing “Item banks” in the course menu
  • Clicking the "Item Banks" button in a New Quiz
  • Clicking on the three dots that appear in the upper right corner in a New Quiz and selecting "Manage Item Banks".

Note that if you on the overview page for quiz click on the three dots at the top right and select "Manage Item Banks", you will only find the question banks for Classic quiz.

Screenshot of New Quiz. The menu in top right corner with option "manage item banks" is highlighted.

Once there, you will see a list of item banks you have already created, if you have any. To create a new one, click on the "+ Bank" button, name your item bank in the dialog box that appears, and then click on "Create Bank".

Screenshot Manage question banks. + Bank button highlighted, "New item bank" pop-up visible.

Share an item bank

All item banks have a "Share" button that gives you the opportunity to share your item bank with others. The Share button opens a dialog box where you can search for a course or person with whom you want to share your item bank. It could be that another colleague wants to see what your item bank contains or so that you can edit the content together. If you share with a course, only those with teacher qualifications will have access to it, not the students. Press "Add" to confirm your selection.

Under the search box, there are lists of who currently has access to the item bank. There is a list for people and one for courses. The owner of the item bank can also edit the permissions or delete the access via the lists.

Note: Consider what you have named the item bank when you share it, so your co-workers know where it is coming from.We recommend that the name starts with the course name.

Add a question to an item bank

There are several ways to add questions to item banks. You can either click on a question in a quiz and add it or you can create a new question in an item bank. 

Add a question from a quiz to an item bank

In any quiz in New Quizzes, create a question or go into an existing question. At the bottom, select "Item bank" and then "Add to Bank".

Screenshot shows the lower part of a question, the option "Item Banking" is highlighted

You now have the option to add the question to an "Existing item bank" or a "New item bank". When "Existing item bank" is selected, you can by clicking on the drop-down menu get all your existing item banks in view. Select which bank the question belongs to by clicking on it and then pressing "Add".

Screenshot shows box with the option "Existing item bank" highlighted.

Create a new question directly in the item bank

Open the relevant item bank by clicking on the three dots that appear in the upper right corner of the Quiz function or in a quiz. Select "Manage question banks". Click on the item bank you want to create a new question in and click "Add a Question".

Screenshot, The button for adding a question is highlighted.

You can also access question banks from a question. The editing window for questions will then be on only a part of the screen from which it can be difficult to get an overview and create the question there. A newly created item bank is empty, you will only see a search function and a "+ New" button. Click the "+ New" button to create and add a new question to the item bank.

Add aquestion from an item bank

To add one or more random questions from your item bank to your quiz, go to the quiz you want the question to be in and click the plus button to add a question and then select the pig, or click the "Item banks" button at the top of the quiz .

Screenshot overviewt New Quizzes, with question bank button highlighted.

A panel with the item banks you have now appears. Choose the one to be used for this quiz.

Screenshot of slide-over menu for question banks where the new question bank is highlighted.

In the item bank, click on "+ All/Random". You should then see a new box appear at the bottom of the quiz that corresponds to all questions from the item bank. You can now close the panel with the item bank by clicking on the cross in the upper left corner.

Screenshot slide-over menu. The All/Random button and the x to close the menu is highlighted.

Choose how many questions to show from the question bank. Click anywhere on the box that appeared in your quiz, or on the edit button (the pencil icon).

Screenshot question bank added in a quiz. Editing pen button is highlighted.

You can now select "Randomly select questions" and then select the correct number of questions to be randomly picked. Confirm by clicking "Done".

Screenshot edit mode item bank. The setting is choose 1 question to be randomly selected.
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