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Moderate New Quizzes in Canvas

Sometimes students need accommodation for extra time, more attempts or to reopen an already submitted quiz. Here are instructions on how to do that in New Quizzes.

Moderate Assessment

In New Quizzes, click the "Moderate" tab.

Screenshot New Quizzes. The tab "Moderate" in the quiz is highlighted.

Note! Moderation can be done during or before the quiz takes place. If you make changes, the students need to be assigned the quiz again.

After opening Moderation Settings, you will see a table of the students assigned to the quiz. The table also contains the number of attempts, the score, the time they've spent on the quiz, link to a log of activities, active accommodations and a Moderate button.

Find the student you want to moderate [1] and click the "Moderate"button [2].

Screenshot Moderate table. A student has number 1 at their name and 2 at the Moderate button.

A side tray with the alternatives for moderation will appear. The alternatives are:

  • "Reopen assessment". Only visible if the student has made at least one attempt.
  • "Additional attempts". Standard is 0.
  • "Time adjustments". Standard is None.

Reopen an assessment for one student

To reopen the student's most recent assessment attempt, click the "Reopen" button.

Screenshot moderation panel. The button to reopen a closed quiz is selected.

A warning message will be displayed to inform you that the student can resume their assessment attempt from its previous position, with their previous answers included and with the remaining time on the timer [1]. To accept and reopen the assessment, click the "Reopen" button [2].

Screenshot pop-up warning. Warning message highlighted with number 1, reopen button with 2.

Manage number of attempts

The Moderate panel displays the number of allowed attempts as per the assessment settings [1].

To give the student additional attempts on the assessment, type a number or use the arrow buttons in the "Additional Attempts" field [2].

Screenshot moderate panel. Number of attempts highlighted with 1, additional attempts field with 2.

Adjust Time Settings

To adjust the time settings for the student, select an option in the "Time adjustments" menu.

Screenshot moderate panel. The drop-down menu for "Time adjustment" is highlighted.

The options you can choose are:

  • "None", which doesn't add any extra time.
  • "Give additional time", to add additional time to the assessment attempt. Select the amount of time in units of minutes and/or hours.
  • "Remove time limit (unlimited)", to remove the time limit entirely.

View Time Adjustments

View the moderation timer settings in the "Accommodations" column. This column displays the cumulative effect of course-level accommodations and moderation timer settings.

Screenshot moderate table. Accommodations column, display students time adjustments, is highlighted.

Manually Submit In-Progress Attempts

If students are currently working on an assessment the number of in-progress attempts is displayed above the table [1]. Click the "attempts" link [2] to see which students haven't submitted the quiz and to get the option to submit it manually.

Screenshot moderate table. Message about active attempts marked with 1, the link to them with 2.

A pop-up with the title Attempts in Progress displays a checklist with the "Students" [1] who haven't submitted their quiz. You can manually submit quizzes for all students in the list. All students are checked by default. If you do not want to submit a student's assessment manually, deselect the checkbox for the student [2].

To manually submit the assessment for the selected students, click the "Submit Manually" button [3].

Screenshot pop-up. Student list highlighted with 1, checkbox at names with 2, submit button with 3.
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