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Quiz tools in Canvas

KTH provides three different quiz tools, all of which can be used in Canvas. New Quizzes and Classic Quizzes are already built-in into Canvas, while Möbius is an external tool that can be linked to directly from Canvas (an LTI). Here you will find information about the tools and when you should use them.

Remember the pedagogical perspective

Regardless of which quiz tool you choose to use, it is good that you know in which situations quizzes can be useful from a pedagogical perspective.

Read more about different pedagogical reasons for using quizzes at the page The Quiz function in Canvas .

The three quiz tools

Before you create a quiz, you need to determine which quiz tool is best suited for your use.

New Quizzes – the new standard

New Quizzes is Canvas' more modern quiz tool. It includes more settings, question types, and moderation features than Classic Quizzes, and also has a new user interface. You can easily share material with item banks, which can be shared with other teachers or courses.

Note! Currently, it is not possible to export CSV files from New Quizzes.

Möbius – handles advanced numerical calculations

Canvas built-in quiz tools are usually enough, but if you need a more advanced quiz tool, Möbius is also available. Möbius performs calculations with Maple and is therefore better suited if you need to create questions where numerical or algebraic calculations are an important factor. In other words, you can calculate the answer with advanced formulas and automatically assess answers that contain, for example, equations or chemical notation. Möbius also has more options to randomize variables and assignments than what Canvas quizzes can offer.

Classic Quizzes – can export CSV files

Classic Quizzes is Canvas' older quiz tool that is being replaced by New Quizzes. Classic Quizzes is mainly available because it allows you to export CSV files for student response analysis and supports the use of an API. Otherwise, we recommend that you migrate your quizzes to New Quizzes.

Which quiz tool to use?

We recommend that you use New Quizzes in the first place. This quiz tool has many useful features and question types that are well suited for most quizzes. It's also easier to get started with New Quizzes than with Möbius, and New Quizzes has more question types than Classic Quizzes.

Möbius requires a certain amount of time to learn, so we only recommend it if you need its more advanced features. For example, if you need more flexible randomization, a stronger calculation engine, or the ability to auto-assess answers with mathematical or chemical notation.

Classic Quizzes is being phased out in a multi-step process and should therefore only be used in cases where New Quizzes lacks a specific feature. Now, January 2024, that means Classic Quizzes needs to be used if you want to be able to export CSV files or if you want to use an API.

More information about the question types in the different quiz tools can be found under the links below:

You can also read more about Möbius at Möbius fact .

Get started with creating a quiz

After you have chosen a quiz tool it's time to create your quiz! Learn how to create an empty quiz, adjust desired settings and fill the quiz with questions on the page Creating a quiz .