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Classic Quizzes

Classic Quizzes is Canvas’ first quiz feature that is currently being replaced by New Quizzes. If you use Classic Quiz today, it’s time to migrate your quizzes to the new quiz feature, “New Quizzes”. At the moment, however, this is the better choice if you need to export CSV-files for student response analysis or if you are using an API.

Change to New Quizzes

Classic Quizzes are being phased out. If you have older quizzes in Classic Quizzes and want to switch to the new format it is possible with a few keystrokes. The migration is immediate and directly after the migration you can open and work with the quiz in New Quizzes.

To migrate, do as follows:

  1. Select Quizzes in the course navigation menu. To the right of each quiz, there are three points that will give you different action options when clicked.
  2. Select "Migrate". The questions have now been transferred to the new quiz engine.
  3. You should go through the quiz questions, as some formatting such as line breaks may have changed.

Note! Groups with questions can't be transferred, the questions need to be individual.

Question banks in Classic Quizzes can not yet be migrated directly, but the feature is on its way. Until then, put all the questions in the question bank in one quiz. Then follow the instructions above. Finish by sorting the questions into item banks for New Quizzes.

Feel free to contact your local teacher support to see what they can help with. If you need guidance on the process, you can contact .

Read more about Classic Quiz deadline postponed indefinitely .

Read more about New Quizzes question types .

Question types

When you create a question in a quiz you can choose between different question types, for example “True or False” and “Essay”.

Recommended use for the question types is explained on the pages about New Quizzes question types .

Question groups and item banks

You can use question groups if you want to be able to randomize questions in a quiz and item banks to reuse them in another quiz. The following guides show how you create and use item banks and question groups in a quiz:

Moderate a quiz

Sometimes students need to get custom submission times, extra attempts at a quiz, or resume an already submitted quiz. The following guides explain how to handle these needs with the moderation function: