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About examination period 2 and re-exam period 1, autumn 2022

Information from GVS Education Office (EDO) and the Education Portfolio (UP)


Published Nov 30, 2022

Here is a summary of information with reminders and tips on skills development and online resources for the re-exam period 1, 19–22 December 2022 and the second exam period 9–14 and 16 January 2023.

Support, opening hours and FAQ

Create the examination

Do you have questions, or do you want guidance regarding the structure of the examination? Contact , mark your case: Personal coaching examination. We respond within two working days.

IT support

For technical questions regarding the examination tools, contact .

Support opening hours are weekdays, 08:00-16:30.

For support during an ongoing exam, call +46 8 790 66 00.

Exam Administration for Funka Support

If you as an examiner have questions about room placement or other questions regarding examinations for students with support from Funka, please contact the exam administration at the respective campus.






FAQ on examination

New information since the last summary about the first autumn semester's examination period 1:

  • Change to default due time in Canvas.
  • Reminder that examiners need to add teachers manually to the examination room.
  • Reminder to remember to publish the exam room for students to see.
  • An article about how purchased tablets make exams more flexible.
  • The course (1.5 credits) "Developing learning with grading criteria" during period 4 will be in English.

Change to default due time in Canvas

The default due time in Canvas has changed from 23:59 to 19:00. The pre-filled value when creating an assignment (as of 31 October 2022) now is 19:00. Teachers can still choose the due date for an assignment. 

Change to default due time in Canvas


Useful reminders and web resources will follow.

Inform students in Canvas

The examiner is responsible for informing the students in Canvas in good time before the examination about the form and conduct of the examination. Be extra clear about which due time applies.

Information to communicate to students

Please feel free to refer students to information about examinations on the Student website .

Funka Support

Prior to the examination date, the examination administration on each campus is the entry point for handling students with compensatory support. See contact details for each campus in the grey info box heading "Exam Administration for Funka Support".

Funka's recommendations regarding support during examination 

Checklists to help you through the process

Examiners (and/or those to whom the examiner has delegated tasks) can be supported by a checklist of what to think about before, during and after the examination.

Checklist for conducting examinations

There is also a specific checklist for how you work in Canvas – everything from creating materials to having the correct settings – to make the examination work as smooth as possible.

Checklist – Before examination in Canvas

Prepare your examination room in Canvas

In order for teachers to be able to prepare in the examination room, you, as the examiner, need to add them to the room. It is also important to remember to publish the exam room for students to see. If you want to know more about how KTH's examination room works and is managed:

Examination room in Canvas

KTH has two templates for examination rooms in Canvas: a task-based and a module-based template. Both have special sections for students with compensatory support.

Assignment-based exam room template in Canvas

Module-based exam room template in Canvas

Digital examination in a computer room with lockdown (Safe exam browser, SEB)

For those doing a digital examination in a computer room with lockdown, it is essential to contact the exam administration at your school well in advance so that they can arrange rooms, order lockdown with SEB, and contact Tentafunka if necessary. Read more on the page KTH Digicertus Exam, information for spring 2023 .

"Tablets make examinations more flexible" (ITM internal pages, 2022-11-16)

Digital tools to facilitate the assessment

Book a workshop

If you or your teaching team/unit want to learn about the functions KTH Import Exams and/or KTH Transfer to Ladok, Book a personal guidance or workshop with presentation and question time about digital assessment in Canvas. Contact .

Order workshops by E-learning 

In Canvas, there are two tools developed by the Education Portfolio to facilitate the assessment work.

KTH Import Exams

If you want to avoid paper handling, you can assess your written on-campus exams digitally in Canvas with the KTH Import Exams function. The function is installed in all examination rooms, but you must activate it yourself. Read more how KTH Import Exams works on the page about Scanned exams for Canvas .

KTH Transfer to Ladok

Once the assessment is complete, the results can be transferred securely to Ladok using the KTH Transfer to Ladok (T2L) function. Read more about T2L on the page about Transferring grades from Canvas to Ladok .

"I make it easy for my students to study, and T2L makes it easy for me to administer grades."

Read more about Nihad Subasic's (teacher at ITM) thoughts on T2L in an interview published in 2021:

"The Canvas function KTH Transfer to Ladok eases the examination process"

Skills development: outcomes-based grading criteria

All KTH courses with a graded grading system shall have outcomes-based grading criteria. Well written and implemented grading criteria will make:

  • the course is clearer and more motivating for the students
  • the examination process is fairer
  • the examination process more structured for the teacher
  • the quality of the examination higher
  • the teacher saves time by using it.

See the rules and more online resources on Outcomes-based grading criteria

Course LH216V (1,5 credits)

Sign up for the short course "Developing learning with grading criteria", which includes examples of how to replace written exams with other forms of assessment, even for courses with large student groups. During the autumn semester, the course is given in Swedish and during the spring semester in English. The next course cycle is given in period 2 in autumn 2023 (the course starts on 30 October). 

Read more and register at About course LH216V

Consolidated information on assessment

There is a place on the intranet's education support pages that consolidates information and shortcuts to online pages about assessment and examination. The main content consists of guides for you who want suggestions and inspiration for developing your course's assessment and examination methods.



The schools' contact persons

Each school has a contact person for planning and coordinating administrative development issues related to examinations.

Contacts for examination

Support for digital education

For support:

For educational support:  (you may not get a reply on the same day).

Other contacts for education

If you have other questions about education at KTH, information is collected on below page:

Contacts for education support at KTH

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