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Become a docent

Below is the internal school process for becoming a docent at EECS.


  1. The candidate and their division head shall have ongoing discussions regarding the application for a docent position, based on the Faculty Council’s instructions for admission as a docent, during performance appraisals. Information concerning assessment criteria for docents .
  2. The Head of Division consults with The Future Faculty-responsible and the promotion committee in order to assess whether the conditions exist for the school to support a docent application.
  3. If the school supports the matter, The Future Faculty-responsible informs the HR Unit of this, which then initiates a case.

The school’s statement and proposal for experts

In parallel with the following, the candidate shall prepare their application in accordance with point 3. Application and uploading in the system.

  1. The Head of Division produces a proposal for two experts and sends it to The Future Faculty-responsible.
  2. The Future Faculty-responsible selects one expert and informs HR of this.
  3. HR contacts the expert to investigate whether the individual can take on the assignment and to gather documentation on which to base decisions (conflict of interest, CV, publication list).  
  4. The Head of Division writes a statement letter according to the template below and sends it to The Future Faculty-responsible for reviewing. 
  5. The HR Unit, in consultation with The Future Faculty-responsible, establishes the docent committee and submits the reviewed statement letter.
  6. The Future Faculty-responsible signs the statement letter.

Statement template, docent (SWE) (docx 367 kB)

Application and uploading in the system

  1. The HR Unit sends the application link along with other information to the candidate, regarding application for Docent . This will happen as soon as The Future Faculty-responsible has asked HR to initiate the process. 
  2. The candidate submits their application to The Future Faculty-responsible for review to ensure that the application meets KTH’s requirements.
  3. After the review, the candidate uploads their application in the recruitment system.
  4. The HR Unit uploads the statement documentation and the proposal for an expert in the recruitment system when the candidate has uploaded their application. HR hands over the matter to the University Administration for further processing in accordance with .

Interview and decision

  1. The docent committee invites the candidate to an interview and writes a statement.
  2. The chairman of the docent committee sends the statement to the HR Unit, which uploads it to the system and informs the docent administrator at the University Administration.
  3. The case is then processed according to KTH’s administrative procedure to reach a decision.
  4. HR ensures that the relevant parties have received information about the decision.

Docent presentation

  1. The HR Unit instructs the applicant and docent committee to submit notice information to HR and book a room via the Service Center: . Information must be made available to HR at least 20 days before the date of the docent presentation. Notice for Docent presentations (docx 30 kB)
  2. The HR Unit hands over the docent certificate to Service Center so that a representative of the docent committee can pick it up before the presentation. The representative then hands over the certificate to the newly named Docent. 
  3. The HR Unit informs the University Administration that the applicant has received their certificate.